Pickup device

  • Inventors: KUSAKA SATORU
  • Assignees: Sony Corp
  • Publication Date: May 11, 1982
  • Publication Number: JP-S5774836-A


PURPOSE:To obtain a pickup device which is small-sized and of a simple structure, by winding a coil round the moving part containing a bobbin, etc., placing it in the magnetic path, and directly moving and controlling the whole moving part in the three axial direction. CONSTITUTION:A coil 3 is provided and also 8 coils 4 meeting at right angles with this coil 3 are provided adjacently beyond adjacent parts 4a1-4a4, and on the circumference of these coils 3, 4, 4 magnets are placed at intervals of 90 deg.. When a current is supplied to the coil 3 in this state, the current is interlinked with magnetic fluxes B1-B4, therefore, force in the Z axis direction exerts on this coil 3. Also, when a current is supplied to the coils 4, since the current flowing in the adjacent parts 4a2, 4a4 intersects the magnetic fluxes B2, B4, force in the x axis direction exerts and since the current flowing in the adjacent parts 4a1, 4a3 intersects with the magnetic fluxes B1, B3, force in the Y axis direction operates. Accordingly, these coils 3, 4 are provided on the moving part of a pickup and the magnet 5 is fixed to the circumference, the moving part is controlled in the three axial direction.




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