Pile for preventing occurrence of negative skin friction


PURPOSE: To provide a subject pile which can be simply prepared at a site where a pile is driven, by a method wherein a sheet covers a part of or the whole of an outer circumference of a pile body, and the lower end of the heat is firmly adhered to about the lower end of the pile body. CONSTITUTION: A cylindrical sheet C, made of a woven cloth, high-molecule filmy substance and the like, lightly covers an outer circumference of a pile body A', and the lower end of the sheet C is firmly adhered to near the lower end of the pile body A' by means of band or adhesive agent. The pile body A' is driven into a grond, which is constituted such that there is a high-compressible earth layer b above a low-compressible support layer (a), until the forward end of the pile body reaches the low-compressible support layer (a), and a foundation B of a structure is constructed thereon. Even if a groud surface c - d sinks to a surface c' - d' with the passage of time, the inner circumference of the sheet C slips over the surface of the pile body A', and a drag action does not act on the pile A, whereby the pile A is prevented from breakdown. COPYRIGHT: (C)1982,JPO&Japio




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