Transmission operating device


PURPOSE: To provide a simple construction and simplify mounting operations by making a shift link mechanism and select mechanism of a tubular construction consisting of the inner and outer tubes and coupling these inner and outer tubes removably with a spline. CONSTITUTION: An inner tube 27 having a spline on the outer periphery is supported by a support member 22 to be disposed on a center about which a shift lever 17 pivots for shift. In the inner tube 27 an outer tube 28 fits through spline. Further, on the base end of the inner tube 27 is mounted a shift arm 37 pivoting integrally with the inner tube 27 and connected to a shifting actuator 36 through a shift cable 20. Also, said outer tube 28 is connected through a select cable 16 to a select actuator 34 which shifts axially the outer tube 28. Further, operating arms 41, 42 are projectingly provided on the outer tube 28 to be connected to the shift lever 17 through a shift lever connector 44. COPYRIGHT: (C)1982,JPO&Japio




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