Fuel supply controller for internal combustion engine


PURPOSE:To improve the operational performance by setting the initial value of the increasing factor in accordance to the fuel cut interval while attenuating to the predetermined level in accordance to the elapsed time. CONSTITUTION:When a fuel cut decision circiut 505 will decide that the cut condition has satisfied, the output from AND gate 509 is brought to L while the clock pulse is supplied to a counter 511 and the count is applied in an increase factor initial value KAFC memory 512. Upon the completion of the cutting operation, a select signal is fed from the decision circuit 505 to a selector circuit 513 and the initial value of the increase factor KAFC X2N will enter through an auxiliary operational resistor 514 into an adder 515. Here the attenuation factor 1/NAFCR.2N is added and multiplied by the value in the 1/2N divider circuit 519 in a multiplier circuit 520, while it is added with the referential value Ti from a basic injection time calculating circuit 510 in an adder circuit 521 and to provide the predetermined drive output to the main injector.




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