Driving device for original placing plate


PURPOSE: To return an original placing plate quickly, by connecting a flywheel to a step motor to buffer the oscillation at a scanning time and disconnecting the flywheel and the step motor to reduce the load of the step motor at a returning time. CONSTITUTION: A pulley 4 which drives a wire 2 attached to both ends of an original placing plate 1 is connected to the rotating shaft of a step motor 5, and a unidirectional clutch 8 is provided between the step motor 5 and a flywheel 7 connected to the side of the rotating shaft opposite to the side of the pulley 4. When the original placing plate 1 is moved in the direction of an arrow C to scan an original, the flywheel effect is given to the step motor 5 by the unidirectional clutch 8 to buffer the natural oscillation of the step motor 5. Meanwhile, when the original table 1 is returned in the opposite diretion, the flywheel 7 is not rotated by the action of the unidirectional clutch 8, and consequently, the load of the step motor 5 is reduced to make a high-speed operation possible. COPYRIGHT: (C)1982,JPO&Japio




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