Two-dimensional pattern recorder


PURPOSE: To easily record patterns by wavelength by coupling a device which scans a sample in two dimensions with a graphic printer, and freely selecting an illumination light source while facilitating operation without requiring development processing like photography. CONSTITUTION: A control circuit 3 generates pulses which are applied to pulse motors Mx and My for driving a stage 2. By one pulse, the pulse motor Mx drives the stage 2 in a direction X as much as one dot of a dot printer. By one pulse, the pulse motor My also drives the stage 2 by the same distance. Said pulses are applied to a pulse motor for the paper feeding of a graphic printer as well, and recording paper 7 is fed by the same extent while synchronizing with the Y-directional movement of the stage 2. The pulses applied to the pulse motor Mx are counted by a reversible counter C, whose count value is data on the X-directional position of the stage 2. A line dot printer in the printer 8 when applied with two signals records a corresponding dot on the recording paper 7. COPYRIGHT: (C)1982,JPO&Japio




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