Microscope for eye


PURPOSE:To achieve observation of inner skin cell of horny coat over a wide range with the same visual field, by combining specified lenses in a lighting optical system. CONSTITUTION:A light radiated from an illuminated optical system 26 passes through the 4th lens 23, rotary prism 29, 3rd lens 13, 1st lens 11 via a slit 25, touches a body to be inspected 10 to illuminate it. The reflected light from the body 10 passes through the 1st lens 11, 3rd lens 13, 1st reflecting mirror 18, and slit 17 and enters an observation optical system 19 as the image light of the body 10. The rotating body 15 and the prism 29 are rotated, the body 10 is repetitively scanned by a light with narrow width, the reflected light not including surface reflected light enters the system 19 as the image light, allowing the observer to observe the image of the body 10 at the entire visual field of the system 19.




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