Cleaning device


PURPOSE:To prevent the rescattering of the collected toner although a cleaner hose is closed, by connecting a scraping means of residual toner to the inlet port of a toner separating and recovering means through the 1st flow path and then connecting the cleaner hose to the 2nd flow path provided at the outlet of said separating and recovering means. CONSTITUTION:A cleaner hose 8m is blocked by a changeover valve 8l, and the 2nd flow path 8i is opened. Under such conditions, a furbrush 8a is turned to drive a blower 8k. Thus the residual toner on the surface 1a of a photoreceptor is scraped off by the brush 8a and floated in the air to be flowed into a cyclone 8d. The toner in the cyclone 8d receives the centrifugal force to drop along the inner wall of the cyclone 8d and then to be recovered into a recovering bottle 8e. On the other hand, the air separated from the toner and deleted by the cyclone 8d is discharged outside from the blower 8k through the flow path 8i and then a filter 8j.




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