Tape take-up device


PURPOSE: To reduce the impact force at the hub end when the travelling of tape ends, by retarding the rotational speed of the take-up reel shaft so that the rotational speed of the supply reel shaft may be maintained at a fixed level when the tape travels quickly and lowering gradually the tape travelling speed. CONSTITUTION: The rotary switch 59 functions to give an automatic stop to the tape travelling at the hub end, and repeats on/off during the travelling of the tape along with the rotation of the supply reel shaft 11. The conduction of the transistors 41 and 39 is maintained by the charge/discharge function of the capacitor 55, and the driving current i 2 is supplied to the take-up reel motor 23. The voltage caused by the charge/discharge of the capacitor 55 is turned to the smoothed voltage by the low-pass filter 58, the integral network 45 and the like in accordance with the rotational speed of the shaft 11, thus controlling the base voltage of the transistor 41. At the same time, the driving speed of the take-up reel motor 23 is reduced to secure a fixed level for the rotational speed of the shaft 11. COPYRIGHT: (C)1981,JPO&Japio




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