Method and apparatus for treatment of hydrocarbon- containing exhaust gas


PURPOSE: To recover the hydrocarbon present in the exhaust gas safely and effectively by separately removing high-boiling point hydrocarbon and low-boiling point hydrocarbon present in the exhaust gas by adsorption by two adsorption towers arranged in series. CONSTITUTION: The comparatively high-boiling point hydrocarbon present in the exhaust gas discharged from a fuel tank 1 are separated by coagulation and then the exhaust gas is sent through a blower 8 into the first adsorption tower 9 packed with activated carbon of an adsorption capacity similar to or less than an adsorption capacity corresponding to the medium and high-boiling point hydrocarbon having comparatively high adsorption property, alone. Thus, in the tower 9, the medium and high-boiling point hydrocarbon are adsorped and the low-boiling point hydrocarbon and part of the medium and high-boiling point hydrocarbon, coming out of the tower 9, are properly cooled and sent to the second adsorption tower 12. And, where the said low-boiling point hydrocarbon-dominated hydrocarbons are all adsorbed by macro-bore activated carbon packed there. And, after the adsorption process, respective hydrocarbon are desorbed and recovered from the tower 9 and the tower 12 by the usual method. COPYRIGHT: (C)1981,JPO&Japio




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