Nonlinear speed regulation control system for electric governor


PURPOSE:To stabilize the speed feedback system in a generator and to provide an arbitrary double step graph-denoted nonlinear speed regulation by a method wherein the generator speed feedback system is provided with a nonlinear transfer function circuit including the first and the second range of frequency setting. CONSTITUTION:The rigidity recovery setter unit 7 feeds back to the speed control operator unit 8 the governor aperature signal theta whose quantity is determined by speed regulation. The nonlinear speed regulation setter unit 16 located in the generator frequency N remains within the system reference signal + or -DELTAFNA1 range, oututs a signal that varies with predetermined gain when the frequency N exceeds the reference + or -DELTAFNA1 range and finds itself within a reference + or -DELTAFNA2 range, and outputs a signal of a constant level when the frequency N exceeds the reference + or -DELTAFNA2 range. The speed feedback signal D outputted by the comparator unit 15 is compared in the comparator unit 3 with the signals respectively outputted by the speed setter unit 1 and the output setter unit 2.




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