Rotary drive body



(57)【要約】 【課題】 種々の構成部材を、まとまりよく組付けてユ ニット化し、所要箇所への適用を容易とすると共に、出 力を両端から取り出し得るようにした回転駆動体を提供 する。 【解決手段】 厚み方向に分極した電歪素子又は磁歪素 子からなり、一面側の電極を二以上の数値xで等分し、 各分割電極に周方向で夫々2π/xの時間的位相がずれ た交番電圧を印加することにより周方向の伸縮波を利用 して周方向の進行波力を発生させてなる円環状振動素子 1を、ベース30の上下一方に配設し、さらに該振動素 子1上に金属製円筒6を配置して、前記金属円筒6をそ の中心に上下方向に配設した螺子杆8によりベース30 に固着して、その間で振動素子1を挟圧して予圧縮する とともに、円筒6上と、ベース30の上下他方の面に夫 々ロータ13,32を載置し、その出力軸16,33 を、筒体18,34の上下に固定した軸受17,36で 夫々支持して、該筒体18,34の外方へ上下に突出さ せて構成した。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form a unit by efficiently assembling various kinds of structural members to make easier the application into the required areas and to obtain outputs from both ends. SOLUTION: An annular vibration element 1, which is formed of an electrostrictive element or magnetostrictive element polarized in the thickness direction, equally divides the electrode in one surface side into a value x which is 2 or larger and generates a traveling wave force in the circumference direction by making use of expanding or compressing wave in the circumference direction by the application of an AC voltage showing deviation of the phase on the time axis of 2π/x in the circumference direction to each divided electrode, is provided at the lower or higher end of base 30. Moreover, a metal cylinder 6 is arranged on the vibration element 1, the metal cylinder 6 is fixed to the base 30 with a screw lever 8 provided in the vertical direction at the center thereof and the vibration element 1 is held between them as the pre- compression. Rotors 13, 32 are respectively provided on the cylinder 6 and at the vertical surfaces of the base 30. Thereby, the output shafts 16, 33 are supported by the bearings 17, 36 fixed at the upper and lower sides of the cylinders 18, 34 and thereby projected externally in the upper and lower sides of the cylinders 18, 34.




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