Varnish composition of copolymer containing fluorine and formation of coated film



PURPOSE: To obtain the subject composition, containing a solution of a copolymer containing fluorine and hydroxyl groups in an organic solvent, an alkoxysilane, a lower alcohol and an acidic catalyst in a specific proportion, excellent in hardness, solvent resistance, etc., and useful as a coated film, etc., good in adhesion. CONSTITUTION: This composition comprises (A) 100 pts.wt. solution of a copolymer containing fluorine, hydroxyl groups and a fluoroolefln component, an alkyl vinyl ether and an alkyl vinyl ester as principal constituent components in an organic solvent, (B) 0.5-30 pts.wt. alkoxysilane or its partial hydrolytic condensate, (C) 50-300 pts.wt. lower alcohols except methanol and (D) an acidic catalyst comprising an organic strong acid in an amount of 0.1-2.5wt.% based on the total weight. Furthermore, a highly cross-linked coated film, having a high hardness and glossiness and good in adhesion can be formed by applying the composition onto a substrate or the composition at a changed composition ratio thereto and then thermally forcedly drying the applied composition.
(57)【要約】 【目的】耐候性などに優れる有機溶剤可溶型の含フッ素 共重合体からなる塗料用のフッ素樹脂を基材上にコーテ ィング後直ちに加熱強制乾燥で速やかに硬化させて透明 性のプラスチックやその他の基材の表面硬度や、耐候 性、耐汚染性、耐溶剤性などの特性を実用的な水準まで 向上させる。 【構成】分子中にヒドロキシル基を含有する含フッ素共 重合体の有機溶剤溶液に加水分解性のアルコキシシラン または部分加水分解縮合物を所定量混合し、これにメタ ノールを除く低級アルコールと酸触媒を所定量添加して 得たワニス組成物。




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