Coating method and coating device



PURPOSE: To obtain a coating device free from the leakage of coating material from a slit discharging port after closed by a stop valve. CONSTITUTION: This coating device is provided with the slit discharging port 18 opening to a die main body 14, a slit passage 17 communicating with the slit discharging port 18 and the stop valve for opening and closing the slit passage 17. The wall surface part of the slit passage 17 located at the downstream side from the stop valve 22 is formed of a movable body 35 freely movable forwards and backwards and the movable body 35 moves backwards when the stop valve 22 is operated to close to increase the volume at the downstream side of the slit passage 17.
(57)【要約】 【目的】開閉弁で閉じた後にスリツト吐出口から微量の 塗工液が洩れだすことのない塗工装置。 【構成】ダイ本体14に開口するスリツト吐出口18 と、このスリツト吐出口18に通じるスリツト通路17 と、スリツト通路17を開閉する開閉弁22とを備えた 塗工装置11であつて、開閉弁22より下流側に位置す るスリツト通路17の壁面部位は進退自在な移動体35 で形成され、移動体35は開閉弁22が閉操作するとき に後退してスリツト通路17の下流側体積を増大させる こと。




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