Tricyclic compound



(57)【要約】 【構成】 式: 【化1】 [式中、R 1 は適当な置換基を有していてもよいアリー ル基、Xは−O−または 【化2】 (式中、R 3 は水素または低級アルキル基を意味す る)、Aは結合手、または低級アルキル基を有していて もよい低級アルキレン基、R 2 は水素またはアシル基を 意味する]で示される化合物および医薬として許容され るその塩。 【効果】 膵炎等の治療薬として有用である。
PURPOSE:To provide a new compound having a cholecystokinin-antagonizing action and useful as a medicine for preventing and treating pancreatitis, cholecystopathy, gastroparesis, hyperinsulinism, etc. CONSTITUTION:The objective compound of formula I [R<1> is aryl; X is -O-, group of formula II (R<3> is H, lower alkyl); A is bonding hand, lower alkylene; R<2> is H, acyl] and its salt. For example, (3S)-1-(2-fluorophenyl)-3,4,6,7- tetrahydro-3-(2-indolylcarbonylamino)-4-oxopyrrolo[3,2,1-jk][1,4]benzo diazepine. The compound of formula I wherein R<2> is H is obtained by reacting a compound of formula II or its salt with ammonia or its salt usually in a solvent such as methanol. The raw compound of formula III is a new compound and is preferably obtained from a compound of formula IV (Y<1> is halogen) as a starting compound.




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