(57)【要約】 【目的】 耐摩工具や大型工具として有用な高硬度の超 硬合金は、高価でありかつ、難溶接性であるので、使用 できる分野が限定されている。この発明は、高硬度の超 硬合金と高靱性を有する接合用超硬合金、あるいはこれ らと鋼を高強度に接合することを目的とし、超硬合金の 用途を飛躍的に拡大することを目的とする。 【構成】 高硬度の超硬合金と、接合用超硬合金とが拡 散接合されてなり、前記の接合用超硬合金中の結合相の 割合が、前記の高硬度の超硬合金中の結合相の割合より 10〜45重量%多いことを特徴とする高強度超硬合金 複合材料。
PURPOSE:To join a sintered hard alloy and a sintered hard alloy for joining or these alloys and steel with high strength by specifying the ratio of the bond phase in the sintered hard alloy for joining of the composite material formed by diffusion joining the high-hardness sintered hard alloy and the sintered hard alloy for joining. CONSTITUTION:The high-hardness sintered hard alloy is obtd. by producing a disk- shaped press-molded product 2 consisting of ductile and tough sintered hard alloy powder 1 formed by mixing WC powder and Co powder having, for example, 5.0mu average grain size at 89% WC-11wt.% Co. This sintered hard alloy is sintered for one hour at 1400 deg.C in a vacuum sintering furnace. This plunger body 2 is inserted into a sintered hard alloy die 3 and the sintered hard alloy powder for joining which is a powder mixture composed of 60% WC-40% Co of the above-mentioned powders is laminated thereon at 15mm thickness and is pressurized under about 1ton/cm<2>. The resultant combination body is taken out and is subjected to hot press sintering for one hour under 50kg/cm<2> at 1250 deg.C in a vacuum atmosphere. The sintering is so executed that the ratio of the bond phase in the sintered hard alloy for joining is higher by 10 to 45wt.% than the ratio of the bond phase in the high-hardness sintered hard alloy at that time.




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