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JP-H07161990-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H07164999-A: Inflatable restraint device for vehicle occupant patent, JP-H07180491-A: Segment for shield construction method tunnel patent, JP-H07183814-A: A/d変換器 patent, JP-H07191223-A: 光導波路部品 patent, JP-H0724287-A: 媒体分散装置 patent, JP-H07275974-A: 金属缶の加熱装置 patent, JP-H07277154-A: 車両洗浄装置 patent, JP-H07306805-A: Image memory device patent, JP-H073306-A: 高強度超硬合金複合材料およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H0748373-A: Tricyclic compound patent, JP-H07555-A: 防煙垂壁用レール patent, JP-H07563-A: ゴルフクラブ及びゴルフクラブセット patent, JP-H076002-A: Exchange processing method of information recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H0780106-A: 野球シミュレータ patent, JP-H0791046-A: 型 枠 patent, JP-H08129814-A: 磁気ディスク装置 patent, JP-H08140447-A: 収穫機の拾上げ装置 patent, JP-H0814337-A: 車輌用補助変速装置 patent, JP-H08178315-A: Hot water heating equipment patent, JP-H08210297-A: ポンプの制御回路冷却構造 patent, JP-H08225708-A: Photocrosslinkable composition based on trifluoro-ethyl methacrylate and preparation thereof patent, JP-H08234926-A: 磁気ディスク装置におけるディフェクト処理方法 patent, JP-H08245689-A: New benzodiazepin-protein conjugate patent, JP-H08252055-A: 田植機の薬剤散布構造 patent, JP-H08257467-A: Coating method and coating device patent, JP-H08260270-A: 糸条の弛緩熱処理装置 patent, JP-H0826398-A: オイルチェンジャー装置 patent, JP-H08296155-A: 編機における弾性糸供給装置 patent, JP-H0837919-A: Apparatus for retaining freshness of vegetable and fruit patent, JP-H0838420-A: Optometry device patent, JP-H0857776-A: Working table patent, JP-H0860909-A: シリンダ錠 patent, JP-H0867856-A: Varnish composition of copolymer containing fluorine and formation of coated film patent, JP-H0881834-A: 自動ベールオープナー patent, JP-H09117892-A: 2つの回転工具間の半径方向の距離を設定する方法、およびこのような方法を実施するための加工ステーション patent, JP-H09130388-A: Communication band enlargement system in asynchronous transfer mode network patent, JP-H09134780-A: Method for controlling power source relay of microwave oven patent, JP-H09168288-A: Rotary drive body patent, JP-H0921528-A: ガス溶接・溶断用安全器 patent, JP-H0926126-A: 煙道用継手及び煙道用継手の製造方法並びに煙道用継手の部分成形装置 patent, JP-H09299628-A: ワイヤプロテクタ切断工具 patent, JP-H09316903-A: 地下構造物における高さ調整工法及び同工法に使用する高さ調整具 patent, JP-S4826327-A: patent, JP-S4829120-A: patent, JP-S4864131-A: patent, JP-S49116551-A: patent, JP-S4919021-A: patent, JP-S4947123-A: patent, JP-S4989737-A: patent, JP-S50121054-A: patent, JP-S50131347-A: patent, JP-S50153834-A: patent, JP-S5015834-A: patent, JP-S5021140-A: patent, JP-S5038891-A: patent, JP-S5039211-A: patent, JP-S504584-A: patent, JP-S5070660-A: patent, JP-S51101454-A: Hakeiseikeikairo patent, JP-S51103051-A: Jidosuminikuyosetsusochi patent, JP-S51114054-A: Variable gain dc amplifier circuit patent, JP-S51116840-A: A method for applying decorative finish on a foamed layer of a firepro of water-glass paint patent, JP-S51125654-A: Device for driving continuous rolling mill roll patent, JP-S51125676-A: Thin membrane for reverse osmosis with high efficiency patent, JP-S51136021-A: Suction manifold of vehicle engine and its fabrication process patent, JP-S51136022-A: Combustion device of internal combustion engine patent, JP-S51143335-A: Cleaning device for xerography patent, JP-S5136058-A: patent, JP-S5139242-A: Harishiba no sokuseihoho patent, JP-S5142213-A: Torakutaayonoboshinuntenshitsu patent, JP-S5146755-A: Suichuno akuriruamidomonomaao jokyosuru hoho patent, JP-S5167304-A: Keiryofunenzaino seizohoho patent, JP-S517019-A: Keiryokotsuzaio seizosuru hoho patent, JP-S5172399-A: Kaadokudosochi patent, JP-S5175296-A: Maitabotsukusu patent, JP-S5188772-A: patent, JP-S51949-A: Jiazokanshikifukushakyodatsushusochi patent, JP-S5196593-A: patent, JP-S52112265-A: Analog-digital conversion circuit patent, JP-S52133457-A: Method of and apparatus for elimination of tooth burr from gear patent, JP-S52138711-A: Sprayer structures patent, JP-S52141917-A: Tail gate operating means for loading and unloading vehicle patent, JP-S5241984-A: Flange working device patent, JP-S5251754-A: Method of clarifying textile-containing organic wastewater patent, JP-S5253527-A: Electronic control valve device patent, JP-S5255895-A: Liquid crystal indicator patent, JP-S5256896-A: Photoelectric indicator patent, JP-S5263927-A: Method of forming coating on asbestosscement boards patent, JP-S5269545-A: Oscillation circuit patent, JP-S53110424-A: Syncronizing circuit of facsimile unit patent, JP-S53113842-A: Adhesive composition patent, JP-S53122113-A: Electromagnetic pump patent, JP-S53138193-A: Dual hull type sliding ship patent, JP-S5319129-A: Metal material for hydrogen storage patent, JP-S5326047-A: Brake unit for motor cycle patent, JP-S5342254-A: Method of forming tubular film patent, JP-S5346857-A: Drying unit or the like hanging mechanism patent, JP-S5351400-A: Method of treating ion-exchange-resin regeneration waste liquid patent, JP-S5363264-A: Rotating forming device for multistage v pully patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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